I’ll See You in the Morning Time

17 Mar

Do you want to know where you are at this very moment? On your way to my hometown for a visit!

Sadly, the restaurant I work for gets rather aggravated at me when I ask off for Saturdays, so I have to work tonight. But my tomorrow belongs to you! Once you get into town The B’s are taking you to visit C and his family and then you’re off to a St. Patrick’s Day party. Knowing The B’s’, you’ll be decked out in green. I’m kind of hoping for a leprechaun outfit myself.

I love that you’ll be in town, though. The closer you are to me, the happier I am. Even though I do have to work tonight (which I’m seriously bummed about), knowing that my entire day will be spent with you tomorrow should make even the crabby customers more bearable. I guess it’s a type of magical power you possess – mere proximity to you and the anticipation of seeing you makes me feel lighter than air. I’m so excited!

Not to mention that it’s a whole new picture and video-taking opportunity for me. Every one of your visits is expertly documented, don’t you worry. Every time I see you, a new folder pops up in my Picture file on my computer. Like I’ve said before, between me and E’s videos and J’s pictures, you never have to worry about being able to look back on your childhood.

I can’t wait to see my goofball (hence the pictures). I’ll see you tomorrow, baby boy :)

One Response to “I’ll See You in the Morning Time”

  1. carol schroeder March 17, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    Your little man’s photos made me smile tonight. Thank you for sharing!

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