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The Games Adults Play Too

19 Mar

I’ve never given it much thought, but I’m sure if I tried, I could come up with the best 10 days of my life. Great days spent with friends, days I’ve done things I’m proud of myself for, days filled with moments too meaningful to forget. Your birth would top the charts, of course. Actually, most of those days would involve you. And if I decided to make this list, yesterday would probably be on it.

You were in town almost all weekend. My entire Sunday was spent with you, but The B’s let me get in a little Liam time on Saturday night when they surprised me at work! I have a slight tendency to show you off when you’re around so you always have a lot of fans at my restaurant. You ran around the lobby, made faces at Sports Man through the windows, and blew me kisses good-bye. You didn’t stay for long – the ice cream shop was calling – but as you were leaving you said, “Bye Nay-Nay!” It brightened up my whole day.

Yesterday, we just played all day. We played on the lawn mower in the garage. We played with the dog. We ran around outside and played with bouncy balls. We played with my old toy kitchen. We even played with my video camera (which you have a tendency to steal and keep). But my favorite games are the ones that are so simplistic that most people wouldn’t even consider them games. The most ironic thing – they’re the ones you love the most.

You and I have a couple of games we play together. They’re so silly that I’ve never actually come up with names for them, but we’ll call this one The Chair. What you do is that you run down the hallway in my parent’s house into their bedroom. In their bedroom, they have a big, squishy, yellow Lazyboy rocking chair. You run down the hallway and straight into it, always on purpose. Then you run over to their bed, turn around and wait for me to do the same thing, which I always do. Then you laugh hysterically, turn around, run back down the hallway into the living room and fall down on the floor – again, on purpose. I follow you and do the exact same thing. Then we lay on the floor and laugh and the whole process is repeated. You love it. Every time I see you run down the hall and out of sight, I know I’m being summoned.

Another game is one we made up yesterday. You would throw your “lovey” (the blanket you sleep with) into your portable crib and then run over the bed right across from it. I would get the lovey, throw it over your head so that you couldn’t see and then I’d run around pretending like I couldn’t find you. You would pull the blanket off your head – ever so dramatically – and then I’d “spot you” and give you a huge hug, ever so relieved that I found you. You would just laugh the whole time. We played that game for a solid 20 minutes yesterday. We can call it The Lovey Game.

I love making up games like that. I love that the smallest things – a face I make, a noise I make, something silly that I do just to make you laugh – turn into your favorite things. It’s so easy to make you happy and when you’re happy, so am I. That’s why my days with you are my favorite, why my visits with you would easily make the list of the best days of my life – because I spend them with the happiest baby boy I know, which makes me the happiest girl around. I smile all day, I laugh all the time, and I learn new things when I’m around you. I watch kid shows and I play silly games and I get to be a kid with you. Although I know I am young relatively, you keep me youthful. I would try to tell you how happy you make me, but I don’t think they’ve invented words for a quantity that large yet.

Another game we play is called the Smelly Feet Game. I would tell you about it, but I think I’ll just show you instead :)

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