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Every Family Needs Photos

4 Mar

First Family Photo :)


As I’ve told you – and as I’m sure you will learn – you’d be hard pressed to find a photographer as good as J. She has a knack for it, and thanks to you and Sports Man, she has a couple of pretty great subjects.

 One of the many times I was over at The B’s house, she sat down with me at her computer and we went through all of the photos she has on there. They were beautiful. Some were of Sports Man when he was younger, some were of family or friends, and some were actual sessions she’d done of other families or their kids. No matter who the subject of the pictures were, every shot just had this…ethereal quality about them.

 The vision she possess for photography is just as good if not better than photos I see at art shows and museums. Let’s just say if I get married, she’s taking the wedding pictures.

 It seems as though when she’s not even actively trying to take a good picture, it happens anyways. You’ll run across people like that in your life – people who are just innately good at something, who’s talent shines through without them even having to try. You’ll most likely be one of those people, so you should probably get used to it ;)

 After your adoption was official, The B’s came to stay for the night at Pop-Pop 3 and Grandma M’s house. We all bunked in there and I got to spend some extra time with you and The B’s. J gave me a locket with a picture of you in it (I got the picture a few weeks later), and she had a matching one. It was a way for you to be with me even when you weren’t. It was also a way to know that J was holding me close to her heart. It meant a lot to me. I didn’t take mine off for months.

 The next day, before you and The B’s left, J suggested that she take some pictures. She wanted to take some of you and I, and she also wanted to get a family shot of all of us. That’s what she called the picture of you, me, Pop-Pop and Grandma M, and The B’s – a family shot. It warmed my heart to hear her call us that, and she wasn’t kidding – family is certainly what we became.

 So here are your first extended family portraits, filled with only a fraction of the people who love you like their own. Being loved by countless people…probably another thing you should get used to :)

All photos by J

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