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The Proof of the Goof

13 Mar

You have had your own personality since you were old enough to hold your head up on your own. I  know that everyone says their babies have little personalities, and I don’t doubt it.

 You’re a goofball.

 I don’t think there’s another word for it. You’re just goofy. You think it’s hilarious when people smell your feet. You pushed chairs around the house when you were learning how to walk. You like to climb on the counters when J isn’t looking. You make silly faces and thoroughly enjoy doing anything that makes other people laugh.

 That’s one of the countless things that I love about you – even at your very young age, you already enjoy making people happy. Actually, you love it when other people are happy. Other people smiling makes you smile. Laughing people make you laugh. And of course, you smiling, laughing or being happy makes everyone around you light up. You’re contagious.

 When you were about six months old you started one of your many goofy habits that you still do occasionally today. We adults like to call it, “blowing raspberries.” At least, that’s as close as I can get to describing it. You loved doing it. Maybe it was just fascinating to figure out you had a tongue, but for whatever reason, you did all the time for quite a while. Every now and then you’ll throw one out there and we’ll all get a good laugh out of it, and you’ll smile a mischievous smile knowing that you’re entertaining. And then you’ll do it again.

 But until those times, I have this video. Stay goofy :)

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