Dream Come True

6 Jul



You love Elmo. You love Elmo more than you love me, I’m pretty sure. And I’m okay with that because he’s adorable and he comes up with very creative ways to sing the ABC’s. But the moral of the story is that Elmo is to you what Minnie Mouse was to me when I was little: your animated hero. Just a few weeks ago, you got to go to Sesame Place and meet him! J said you were just giddy with excitement (there’s a video…I’m almost more excited to see it than you were to meet Elmo).

I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! Exactly two weeks until I see you again! :)

One Response to “Dream Come True”

  1. Pop-pop July 6, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    There is no delight greater than seeing a child, who unaware of the ominous approach of life’s often harsh realities, comes face to face with his or her most adored fantasy figure. The joy such innocence evokes brings tears to the eyes of the adults, and a wistful glance over their shoulder to the storybook days of Alice in Wonderland.

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