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25 May

A wonderful reference from a wonderful woman. Living proof that mothers come in all forms and that strength is one of their universal qualities. Please check out BOTH of her blogs!

What Dream May Come

Wish, Wait, Write: Letters to the Little One we are Waiting to Meet

One of my favorite blogs is Letters to Little Man. Not only is Renee a talented budding writer, she is also a truly wonderful human being. Reading about her journey through placing her child with a loving family for adoption, and in so doing becoming a part of that family, is inspiring to me.

And so, I have taken the spark of inspiration lit by Renee, and decided to catalogue my own journey–through letters to the child that will one day run through our halls, marking up the walls with their baseball bat or tap shoes.

Through InfertilityAwakening I will continue to write about my own personal journey through this life lesson called infertility. However, on my blog: Wish, Wait, Write: Letters to the Little One we are Waiting to Meet I will build a book…

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The Sheep-Horse Dance

25 May

Reason I love you #216: Your dance moves. They speak for themselves.

I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun listening to a kid’s toy jingle over and over again. Watching you do things like this makes me so deliriously happy, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. You are much too endearing for your own good, Little Man. And I absolutely love it.

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